EGA Homes continues to expand their services to Veterans across Southern California. A new program is being established to ensure that Veterans are buying properties that are meeting the minimum property requirements (MPR’s). These are established by The Department of Veterans Affairs. EGA Homes ensures Veteran buyers are purchasing a solid investment..

EGA Homes VA Sign Rider

An EGA Veteran Friend Home is Identified by an EGA VA Sign rider

When you see this sign on a house for sale, it means a number of things have happened. First, the seller’s Realtor has been certified by Coldwell Banker Blackstone / EGA Homes and is knowledgeable on the needs of our Veterans and the VA loan process.

As a seller, you have unique advantages using an EGA Homes certified Realtor. Your property is now advertising to potential buyers agents who are working with Veterans. Veteran buyers using a VA Loan can only purchase homes that meet the MPR’s. These requirements are in place to protect veterans and military families. The goal is to give our Veterans a safe, structurally sound and sanitary place to call home.

This Veteran initiative is part of their “giving keys to Veterans” strategy. The goal is to hand over as many keys as they possibly can. Veterans represent an under served market share in our local community. In 2016, a total of 705,474 home loans were guaranteed by the VA, the largest year in the history of the program! As a result, EGA Homes is committing even more services to Veterans to continue the momentum.

Veterans need a special level of care in their real estate transaction. We have made it our mission to pass this knowledge on to Real Estate professionals, sellers, and Veteran buyers to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. This is why we give our Veteran buyers and sellers an entire division dedicated to just your specific needs and wants.

Using a Realtor Who Knows VA loans

Using a Realtor who understands a VA loan is extremely important. You want to use someone who knows the appraisal process inside and out. Second, working with a VA friendly lender is equally as important. It is without question that a VA loan is a powerful mortgage option. The sad reality is, some Veterans don’t even know the full potential. Using a Veteran friendly firm like EGA Homes means you might qualify for special discounts, incentives and lender credits.

Who Is EGA Homes?

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EGA Homes is a full service, Certified Veteran-Owned real estate business. Our founding principles and business model are based on a military culture of teamwork, integrity, and mission accomplishment, with agents focused on a particular Real Estate “Specialty” (ROS). Each agent and staff member works toward the same goal, mission, and purpose.

We aim to exceed your expectations and ensure your buying or selling experience is mission accomplished.

  • Community

Our company was founded on the mission of giving back to those that need help. Our mission is to bring continued efforts back to our communities and the areas we impact.

  • Professionalism

We strive to deliver results with integrity, knowledge, and passion. We recognize that this foundation is essential for our long term success as a company. By embracing this culture, we continuously improve as people and professionals.

  • Military Friendly

We understand the potential challenges and goals of military families. We also hire Veterans because they make excellent employees, great leaders, and advocates for the community.

  • Customer Service

Service is our number one priority. This is evident by the greater than 90% referral and retention rates among clientele.


If you are a Veteran interested in learning more about our military housing division, or simply want to be get in contact with an EGA Homes real estate agent, you can reach their office by visiting our Contact Page.

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