Because of their military training and background, Veteran real estate agents have shown a natural transition into a successful real estate career.

Lets take a look at some of the traits Veterans learn from military service that helps them in the real estate industry.

Decisive Action

We all know being in the military requires quick thinking on the job. The same applies to the real estate industry. When an agent is representing a client in tough negotiations, you will be glad they make quick, smart actions on the client’s behalf. In today’s real estate market, its common for houses to be receiving multiple offers. Veteran real estate agents are no stranger to pressure situations. You can trust them!


When you are in the service, the successful members are the ones who take initiative when opportunities arise. This is something we all can learn in life, but Veterans learn it early on in their training. These types of initiatives can take many forms in the real estate industry. Some agents might shy away from best practices, you can feel confident in Veteran real estate agents to never back down from an opportunity.


Leadership is one of the most important traits Marines are taught in the Corps. To be a good leader, it starts with integrity. When you have integrity, honor this with actions and inspire others around them. This is why Veteran real estate agents make great employees and members of your firm. As a business owner, you know having Veterans on your staff means they set good examples for the rest of the office.


While in the service, you quickly realize there is always a new skill, technology, or strategy to learn. Veterans have gained a thirst for knowledge and dedicate their service to absorbing new information. This “thirst” can serve them well as a Veteran real estate agent. The top producing agents in the industry are the ones who are committed to learning and improving best practices.

The real estate industry is a fast moving, always changing the world. You want to hire team members who will not fall behind!


The values Veterans learn tend to stick with them for life. Why? Because soldiers learn these values in detail during Basic Combat Training (BCT). These impact training’s shape who they are as professionals. Once these values are in place, they live them every day in everything they do. This is what being a soldier is all about.

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Interested in a career in real estate?  Veterans are encouraged to join our Boots to Suits program to jump-start their real estate career. The Boots to Suits program at Coldwell Banker Blackstone is the best place to be as a Veteran interested in a real estate career. Talk to us today to learn all the benefits of joining the program!

Pictured below are real estate professionals that started in the program and are currently working in real estate!

Veteran Real Estate Agents

We love our Veteran & Active Duty Real Estate agents.