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Real People with Real Estate Solutions

EGA Homes purpose is to enrich the lives of our clients, agents and community through home ownership by delivering results with integrity, knowledge and passion.

At EGA Homes, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities Veterans face when purchasing a home. We have made it our mission to pass this knowledge on to real estate professionals, sellers, and Veteran buyers to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

What is a Veteran Friendly Home?

The Department of Veterans Affairs has established a set of minimum property requirements (MPRs) to ensure Veteran buyers purchase homes that are a solid investment and will qualify for a loan backed by the veterans benefit program.

A Veteran Friend Home is identified by a sign rider and means:

  • The seller’s Realtor has been certified by EGA Homes and is knowledgeable on the needs of our Veterans and the VA loan process.
  • The seller has been educated, by their Realtor, and welcomes Veteran buyers who are looking for a home that meets the MPRs, and the seller is willing to cover some of the buyer’s “non-allowable” closing costs.
  • The property meets the requirements to be financed by a VA loan.

We’ve got your six.

We’re proud to be the only DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) certified real estate agency in Southern California.

Being a DVBE means we are the most qualified company to meet your specific real estate needs. We understand your unique situation because our leaders have fought in same trenches you have. We employ real estate agents who are Veterans and partner with lenders who specialize in VA loans, certificate of eligibility (COE),  and other unique specifications.

Veteran Owned and Operated

We are a full service, Certified Veteran-Owned real estate business. Our founding principles and business model are based on a military culture of teamwork, integrity, and mission accomplishment.  Each agent and staff member works toward the same goal, mission, and purpose.

We aim to exceed your expectations and ensure your buying or selling experience is mission accomplished.

  • Community

    Our company was founded on the principle of giving back to those who need our help. Our mission is to continue to enrich the lives of those in our community, and to bring continued efforts back to our communities and the areas we serve.

  • Professionalism

    We strive to deliver results with integrity, knowledge, and passion. We recognize that this foundation is essential for our long term success as a company. By embracing this culture, we continuously improve as people and professionals.

  • Military Friendly

    As a Veteran owned business (VOB), we understand the challenges and goals of military families. We also hire veterans because they make excellent employees, great leaders, and advocates for the community.

  • Customer Service

    Service and mission accomplishment are our top priority. This is evident by the greater than 90% referral and retention rates among clientele.

Veteran Statistics

There are over 45,000 non-profit organizations devoted to Veterans and their families.
Homeless Vets
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 39,471 Veterans are homeless on any given night.
Home Loans
In 2016, a total of 705,474 home loans were guaranteed by the VA, the largest year in the history of the program.
Average VA Loan
In 2016, the average VA mortgage loan amount in California was $382,038.

Resources for Veterans

As a Veteran-owned company, we are dedicated to sharing as much information as we can about being a Veteran and buying a home.

Veterans Home Buying Guide

Boots to Suits

Veterans Housing Alliance